Darjeeling’s toy train meets accident, 2 dead


Darjeeling: One of the main attraction of Darjeeling, the Toy Train suffered from a massive brake failure near Tindhoria railway station. According to reports, the toy train was travelling from Siliguri to Darjeeling with 50 passengers on board when the mishap occurred.

The train had left Tindhoria station when the driver found out that the brakes had stopped working. Seeing this, the driver and the guard jumped off the running train. They were followed by a woman along with her child. Unfortunately, they died on the spot.

A passenger, displaying valour pulled the rear brake of the train, bringing it to a halt. Panic spread among the passengers after the incident. The railway officials did not reach the spot for a long time.

The incident could have turned out to be fatal for many passengers but somehow the mishap was avoided.

The incident is raising questions on the responsibility of the driver and the guard who abandoned the passengers at the time of crisis like the captain deserting his sinking ship.