Darjeeling Hills Likely To Get 137 Teachers


Darjeeling: The West Bengal School Service Commission has validated the names of 137 teachers at schools in the Darjeeling hills.

The names of the 137 teachers has been posted by the commission on its website. “Recommendation letters for regularisation of at under GTA of following candidates have been validated,” the notice states.

As a result, management of respective schools and the GTA were forced to fill up the vacancies through ad-hoc and voluntary teachers. Ad hoc teachers receive a token monthly remuneration from the school management but voluntary teachers do not. Some of the ad hoc teachers receive some remuneration from the GTA also.

Issues related to regularisation of teachers had remained unsolved right from the DGHC days. This is largely because the School Service Commission (hills) had to be wounded up in the early 2000s after those running the hill body then raised objections. With no functional SSC, examinations to recruit teachers in the hills were never conducted. The last examination was held in 1999.

Following the clearance, the GTA and the district inspector of schools will issue appointment letters to the 137 teachers, mostly employed at secondary schools.