Darjeeling Blast: GJM Writes To Rajnath Seeking Intervention


Darjeeling: Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) leader Bimal Gurung has written to Home Minister Rajnath Singh regarding an FIR filed against him on suspicion of the deadly bomb blast in Darjeeling, on Friday.

Condemning the attacks and writing about the FIR Gurung said, “Last night, ie 18th of August, a blast of unknown nature occurred in Darjeeling town, and before anyone can even come to terms with the nature of the blast, the Darjeeling police have rushed in to file an FIR against the GJM President Mr Bimal Gurung and other GJM leaders.”

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The letter further said the GJM is wondering as to how it is possible that an FIR be filed this early, in such a serious matter, while the investigations have not yet begun.

“In filing the FIR this early, without proper investigations, the Bengal government has revealed their own hidden agenda of entrapping the GJM leadership on another series of trumped up charges,” Gurung wrote.

He further said that the blast site is situated right next to the Darjeeling Sadar Police station, and currently heavy police force has been deployed in the entire Darjeeling region.

“So how is it possible that the police wouldn’t or didn’t see someone planting a bomb in the middle of the night, so close to their own premise? It is either a case of gross incompetence on their part, or a case of fake blast planted by state agents to frame the GJM leadership,” the GJM leader wrote.

He further said that the West Bengal government has repeatedly tried to paint GJM’s movement as “anti national” and adding, “Earlier Mamata Banerjee accused us of being hands in gloves with the insurgents from North East, when we asked her to provide proof of the same, she simply couldn’t, as she didn’t have any proof to give.”

He also alleged that Mamata Banerjee later said that the Gorkhaland movement is being supported by China, and the Nepal Maoists, saying that, “Once again the entire Gorkhaland Movement Coordination Committee (and not just the GJM) asked for proof, and once again the Bengal government failed to provide any proof. We therefore suspect that this blast is the handy work of the Bengal government to bring disrepute to the Gorkhaland cause and our leaders, and to portray our movement as being anti-National.”

He also added that since the blast is a national security issue, they kindly request the Home Minister to constitute a High Level Enquiry Committee immediately, to be comprised of National Investigative Agency (NIA), with a Supreme Court judge monitoring the entire investigations, so as to ensure fairness of the investigations.

“Sir, being a part of the NDA alliance and also loyal subjects of India, the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha has always believed in demanding our rights peacefully and in a democratic and constitutional manner. Thus this brazen attempt at criminalizing the GJM leadership has caused great anguish to the entire Gorkha population living across India,” he said.

The GJM leader further requested that an enquiry be constituted at the earliest, and adding that justice and fairness be provided to the Gorkha’s. “More importantly, I also request you to expedite the talks on Gorkhaland issue, so that a permanent resolution to our issues in the form of a Gorkhaland state is arrived at the earliest,” he said.