Darivit High School Reopens At Last


Raiganj: The Darivit school reopened after 55 days due to the efforts of the villagers. After prolonged discussion, thinking of the benefits of the students, the school was re-opened in front of the sub-divisional administration.

The villagers alleged that the studies were closed for a long time. Despite of discussions, no solution was attained. But education cannot be stalled for a long time. Hence the gates of the Darivit High School was re-opened.

Ruckus broke out on August 20 at Islampur Dwaribhita High School premises over the recruitment of teachers leaving two students, Tapas Barman and Rajesh Sarkar, dead and several injured.

It was alleged that the students resorted to road block over the issue of school teacher’s recruitment. On forcefully trying to withdraw the block, brawl broke out between both the parties.

The students pelted stones at the police. The police retaliated by resorting to lathi-charge and also fired rubber shots and tear gas shells to disperse the mob. At least two thousand students were protesting. The situation turned violent. Post this, the school was shut down.

The families of both the deceased students resorted to a sit-in protest outside the school in demand for a CBI investigation. For this the students and teachers had to return back from school. The question raised that what was the head master’s role in reopening the school on the day of the incident and thereafter.