Dakshineswar Theme For Durga Puja Pandal In Kolkata


Kolkata: Modern era faded old days image. So Nimtala Math Sarbojonin tried to bring back the old days with their unique theme. This year, they are showing regional history of the Dakhshineswar.

Dakshineswar-Aryadaha has many stories. Today, where the deulpata situated, once there was the palace of Banarraj. Later, in the medieval period, Dakshineswar was introduced in the form of a combination of energy and Vaishnavism. Here Gadadhar Das has built a house of Jute. Nityanand Mahaprabhu also came here.

It was 300 years back when Durgaprasad Roy Choudhury and Bhavaniprasad Roy Choudhury, members of the renowned Savarna Roy Choudhury family settled here. Yogindranath one of the successors of this family was an ardent devotee of Sri Ramakrishna who later was known as Swami Yogananda.

This iconic North Kolkata pujo is all set to take you down memory lane through Dakshineswar. Capturing all its image. It is mainly highlighted in three periods. The era of Chaitanya, Ramakrishna era and freedom movement. It will be presented with the
A artist from Krishnanagar created this theme.

In the words of Niloy Pramanik, one of the member of the Puja said many of our new generation know nothing about the past. We have our social responsibility to tell all of them. So we have presented such a thought. Artist Krishnendu Chaki has painted this story. There will be no formal inauguration of this Durga Pandal.