Dakorta splits with boyfriend Matthew


New York: Dakota Johnson did set the movie screen on fire in the role of Anastasia Steele in ’50 Shades of Grey’. It may appear that Dakorta may be experiencing some mixed emotions right now. The actress has had a successful week with her starring role as she dominated the box office.50-SHADES(2)

But unfortunately, everything is not alright. It seems the actress’s relationship with her long-time Welsh model-rockstar boyfriend Matthew Hitt came to an end, and ’50 shades of Grey’ may have something to do with it. The erotic flick could have been an issue.

According to reports, ‘Dakota has been way too busy to focus on her relationship and Matthew shut her out of his life because of that.’ Hitt, wasn’t happy with his ex- girlfriend as she took the role in the movie.

Rumors had it, 26-year-old Dakota was in a relationship with co-actor Jamie Dornan. It seems Matthew couldn’t handle the heat anymore.