Daily Horoscope (June 17, 2019)



The fantasy world that you’ve built for yourself is a pleasure, Aries. People frolic in it and have a grand time. Your presence delights people. Today, however, this world may be threatened by harsh realities that are coming in the form of electronic information. This force is powerful and apt to be erratic and spontaneous. Be prepared to stand your ground.


It may be difficult to stay grounded today with all the information flying around and all the emotion roiling in your heart. Try not to take things too seriously, Taurus. This is the key to maintaining a level head today. Approach the day with passion and take care of any investigative work that needs doing. There are important facts coming from unexpected sources.


You may be pushed around by two very powerful camps today, Gemini. Since you’re the kind, diplomatic, and sensitive type, you make the perfect target for the more abrasive and opinionated. You may want to side with the cold, hard facts presented to you, although there is a great deal of emotional power working to stir up the pot. Things may not be as clear as they seem at first glance.


You’re apt to feel a bit wilder today, Cancer. There’s a wave of powerful energy working to strengthen your ego and self-confidence. Use this boost to the best of your ability. You will need it. There is a strong, fact-oriented force working to combat your aims, and you will find that it’s equally powerful and stubborn. Cut through the fantasy and uncover the truth.


A good tactic today would be to convert your fears to motivation for positive action. You have a great deal of energy at your disposal, Leo. Don’t waste it. Be aware that it’s one of those situations when the smallest comment or insult may set off a chain reaction of misinformation. People are emotionally charged, so be careful where you step.


You’re likely to be faced with conflicting reports today, Virgo. Information may be tainted with emotion, so be careful about going with the choice that shouts the loudest. You may get pigeonholed into a place you don’t want to be in. Heed the internal warnings you pick up. This is a good day to work and play with passion. Take care of any investigative work that needs to be done.


You may be seduced by fantastic promises that offer wonderful rewards. Beware of lots of bells and whistles, Libra. There may be a great deal of talk but not much to substantiate such wonderful claims. Don’t be surprised if people with intense emotions are stepping up to add their opinions about how you should run your life. Don’t forget who’s boss.


People are apt to be quite emotional when it comes to the image they wish to project today, Scorpio. Be careful where you step. It’s your job to see through the trendy makeup and fashion that hide the true personalities of the people who insist on wearing these masks. The key is to not be fooled by those who hide behind a facade built by society.


Sagittarius, don’t be surprised if some of your fantasies and dreams are put on trial by a harsh force that cuts right to the truth of the matter. People may be extra passionate, and most aren’t going to be impressed with unrealistic plans. You can try your normal approach of simply ramming straight ahead with your plans, but a better approach might be to think first and be more strategic.


You’re at an emotionally climactic point now, Capricorn, and you might find that harsh opposition is coming at you for no clear reason. There’s a stubborn, strong force surrounding you, and you should be aware that the more rigid your viewpoint, the harder it will be for any resolution. Compromise is an essential element of the day.


Be careful to not be too cavalier today, Aquarius. It would be wise to adopt a more serious tone than usual. You might be inclined to say words carelessly, but people are going to take you literally. Make sure you mean what you say. Your attention to fashion and pop culture may conflict with a force that’s asking you to focus on things of deeper spiritual value.


You have the sensitivity to pick up on what’s going on in every situation today, Pisces. Powerful emotions may conflict with extremely strong opinions. Welcome to the battle between the head and the heart! On this day you may be more apt to side with the heart. Realize that this arena is heated and that the forces around you are extremely stubborn.