You might be introduced to a new colleague, Aries. Don’t be surprised if this person makes your flesh crawl. This could be a warning signal or it could simply mean that this person is absolutely terrified and therefore acting defensive. Don’t jump to any conclusions about this person until you get to know him or her better. Remember, always give others the benefit of the doubt whenever possible.

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Toxicity, begone! Today’s trine between the moon in your twelfth house of endings and mature Saturn helps you release a dysfunctional relationship or unhealthy behavior. You know what needs to be done, Taurus, so take action. Your thoughts create your reality, but how do you expect to maintain a positive mindset if someone else (or you!) sees only your shortcomings? Cut those ties—physical or psychic—and focus on what you’re grateful for. Neuroscience tells us that feeling thankful on a regular basis makes us happier. Try it—what do you have to lose?


Time to upgrade your inner circle? A relationship-oriented trine between the moon and mature Saturn prompts you to examine your friendships. Are you getting back as much as you’re putting in? You could also realize you’re no longer in sync with a few people, probably the ones on a slower growth trajectory than yours. Going your separate ways doesn’t need to be dramatic, Gemini. Just put more energy into the bonds that pay off the most.


Stand your ground, Cancer. Today’s supportive moon-Saturn alignment helps you maintain your boundaries—without getting emotional. If you and your S.O. have been putting off a tough conversation, or you want to discuss a difficult issue with your supervisor, today’s the day to do it. Even if you’re feeling a little shaky, put your most confident face forward. Project your voice and maintain eye contact. Self-assurance goes a long way.


Your sign is no stranger to investing energy into maintaining healthy bonds, and today’s cosmos could require work in this area. Has there been tension in one of your close partnerships, Libra? A supportive trine between the moon in your relationship sector and future-focused Saturn encourages you to clear the air. Remember to keep your focus on resolution, instead of trying to trump your partner’s grievances with your own. When it comes to your professional life, stay on your toes. Sage advice from a mentor could arrive just when you need it most.


Walk your talk, Leo. Today’s adventurous moon syncs up with disciplined Saturn, helping you transform a lofty dream to something doable. To tackle a sizeable goal, you need to break it down into more manageable chunks. From planning a round-the-world trip to writing a memoir, commit to it. Identify something you can do every day to bring you closer to realizing this grand ambition. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you gain momentum once you just get started.


Let the number-crunching commence! Today’s skies feature an alignment of the moon in your big money sector and mature Saturn, helping you establish a solid long-term financial plan. Your analytical skills are sharp, so approach this task as you would any other. Break down the debits and credits, and create an updated budget—one that makes room for investments. Accumulating significant savings takes time, Virgo, but with discipline and patience you can build an impressive nest egg.


The wellness wagon is pulling up to your front door today, Scorpio. With the moon in your self-care sector forming a trine to disciplined Saturn, you’re motivated to improve your health. If it’s been a challenge to get into a regular workout routine, this cosmic combo inspires you to create a sustainable schedule. If you treat your body like the temple it is, what new positive habits can you incorporate into your daily routine? Meditation or morning pages, anyone?


Today’s trine between the passionate Aries moon and sage Saturn blesses you with a silver tongue, and the gravitas to go with it. People await your message, so speak your truth. With your optimistic energy and this slick gift of gab, there’s nothing you can’t sell or persuade others to try. Deliver a flawless presentation, inspire people to support a charitable cause, rock the crowd at open mic night.


Strengthen those family bonds, Capricorn. Today’s moon in your sector of emotional ties forms a harmonious angle to sage Saturn in your twelfth house of endings, paving the way for closure with a relative. Could there be an underlying reason for your mother’s poor conduct over the holidays? Perhaps your sister avoided a family gathering not to be difficult, but because she’s struggling with a personal issue. Taking a look at the big picture can help you release any lingering anger. Besides, Capricorn, holding a grudge only harms you in the end


A steady stream of people could seek your wise counsel today, and your phone could blow up with SOS texts from friends. Your new therapist/guru status comes courtesy of a sensible moon-Saturn trine—and probably because of your non-judgmental listening style, too. As a cerebral air sign, you’ve got a knack for seeing both sides of an issue and offering an objective view—without getting entangled in the emotional aspect of things. On the flip side, if YOU need to unload, you won’t have any trouble finding a sympathetic ear or a sturdy shoulder, so reach out.


Instant gratification is fun but fleeting, Pisces, so how about creating something truly memorable? Today’s skies feature a supportive angle between the moon in your money house and disciplined Saturn in your success sector, helping you maximize your disposable income. By becoming more conscious of your expenses and cutting out retail therapy sessions, you can save an impressive amount. Perhaps even enough to cover an unexpected opportunity abroad, anywhere from Lisbon to Lima. Draw up a budget and stick to it.