Dadri Lynching: Meat Turns Out to be Mutton


Lucknow: The meat recovered from the house of the Dadri lynching victim was not beef but goat meat, revealed the enquiry of the Uttar Pradesh Veterinary department.

Fifty two year old Mohammad Akhlaq was lynched by a violent mob in Bishahra village in Dadri over rumours about him and his family eating beef on September 28.

The report is part of the chargesheet which was filed last week against 15 people including Vishal Rana and Shivam, son and nephew of a local BJP leader Sanjay Rana for his alleged involvement in Akhlaq’s lynching.

Vishal and Shivam had allegedly spread the rumour and led a violent mob that attacked Akhlaq’s house, lynched him and brutally assaulted his younger son Danish.

“This we have been saying all along. The meat which was there in the fridge in our house was mutton sent to us by one of our relatives as is the practice among Muslims,” Sartaj, the elder son of Akhlaq who works for Indian Air Force told The Hindu.

“My father was killed due to the mass hysteria created by some people benefit by doing politics over beef. He won’t come back now. I just want to request to people of this country that this should not happen ever again with anybody,” added Sartaj who became emotional while talking about the case.