DADF Issued The Post-Operation Surveillance Plan


New Delhi: The Director, Animal Resources Development Department, Government of Tripura informed this Department on 14-01-2016 about the unusual mortality in State Poultry Farm, Gandhigram, Tripura West district of Tripura State. The samples were sent to National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases (NIHSAD) on 14-01-2016 which were found positive in RT-PCR and Real time RT-PCR for H5N1 AIV.

Keeping in view the revised action plan, the intimation of the result was given to the State by NIHSAD, Bhopal for starting the control and containment operations so as to avoid the further spread of the disease. The Director, Animal Resources Development Department, Government of Tripura was requested to send a report on the matter and take necessary measures as per Action Plan on Avian Influenza. The intimation was given to the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare by this Department.

The State government carried out control and containment operation at the epicenter which was over on 25-01-2016 and the State issued the sanitization certificate for the said epicenter on 25-01-2016. During the operation, 7687 birds were culled while 1760 had died out of a population of 9447 birds in 1 km. radius. The Department has issued the Post Operation Surveillance Plan (POSP) on 27.01.2016 which will be continued for a period of three months from the date of issue of sanitization certificate. There is no report of disease from any other part of the country.