Dacoity at North Dinajpur:Gold,Cash looted


Itahar: A fearful case of robbery took place at North Dinajpur’s Durgapur area, registered under Itahar police station. According to the reports of the close associates, a gang of 25 dacoits broke the padlock of a jewellery store, entered and looted gold and money. The owner of the jewellery store was identified as Ajit Karmakar. Ajit Karmakar has stated that, the dacoits turned violent on him when he tried to stop them. The gang of dacoits broke the lockers and took away approximately 100 gram of gold ornaments along with lakhs of rupees cash. A group of police personnels from the Itahar police station and the Raigunj police station have already reached the spot and have started off with the investigation process.