Cyclone Vardah Hits Voda Users In Bengal


Kolkata: Cyclone Vardah had an unexpected effect on the people of Bengal with Vodafone services being disrupted for around three hours since Monday afternoon.

The cyclone, which was supposed to landfall on the southern shores of the country, especially Chennai, by evening, “probably shook the undersea cable network across the Bay of Bengal”, causing a three-hour-long loss in voice and data link for Vodafone subscribers in Kolkata and a few parts of Bengal.

A Vodafone spokesperson told a national daily, “Vodafone in Kolkata and rest of Bengal (RoB) have never faced a network failure of this magnitude. As the root cause of the problem was so severe, it took an hour’s time to ascertain the situation and fix the glitch.”
With the link failing around 4pm, users started cursing their handsets, switching them on and off, trying to restore the connections; as their data network stopped working, communication almost came to a halt with mails, WhatsApp messages and other apps not functioning either.
Although the voice and 2G link began to normalise around 7pm, 3G4G data users found it difficult to get their signal right.  Companies and their employees, who are mostly dependent on group messaging and conference calls, got stuck till 77.30 in the evening.

The Vodafone spokesperson pointed out a natural calamity like this could make things go wrong for an on-the-air technology . “Our users of Bengal can be assured that all the signals (3G4G) will be available soon,” he added.