Cyclone Fani May Be Recalled Aila: Alipore Met Office


Kolkata: On 2 May, heavy to very heavy rainfall is expected in south coastal districts, also very rain expected in Puri, Khurda, Koraput and Kandhamal districts. On 3 May, all coastal districts are expected to receive very heavy rainfall,

A red alert has been sounded in Srikakulam district of north coastal Andhra Pradesh Wednesday as heavy rains with winds gusting up to 120 kmph are likely under the influence of the extremely severe cyclonic storm Fani. Tourists have been instructed to leave the state within 48 hours. Cyclone Fani will also affect in West Bengal. In particular, Alipore Met Office predicted that the wind speed will be around 80 to 100.

As a result, massive alarms can be carried out throughout the entire region including Kolkata. Alipore Meteorological Department warns that the storm will be as strong as ‘Aila’. Meteorologists fear that the wind could blow at 80 to 100 kmph in an hour.It is feared that Cyclone Foni would also damage roads, train lines and crop fields in the state.

It may be recalled that West Bengal had suffered serious damages during Cyclone Aila in 2009 when the windspeed reached the high speed of 110-112 kmph. But Cyclone Fani’s windspeed is expected to reach 120kmph and it may cause widespread damage. IMD Kolkata has called for complete suspension of tourist activities along the coast and full suspension of ferry services between May 2-4, 2019.

It has been reported that, already have been instructed to open control room. The kolkata municipality engineers has been asked to stay alert, to avoid the danger. Digha, Shankarpur and Mandalay have been asked to stop tourism on the coast.