Cyclone FANI: Indian Navy To Use Boeing P-81 & Dornier To Asses Storm Intensity


Kolkata: As a measure to take control on severe cyclonic storm Fani, Indian Navy set to use P-81 and Dornier aircraft in the afternoon for an aerial survey to assess the intensity and impact and devastation post-FANI crossing the coast.

The Boeing P8I (Poseidon Eight India) is a Long Range Maritime Patrol aircraft. It is described the aircraft as one of the best for surveillance in the world of recent time.

The P-8I aircraft is a variant of the P-8A Poseidon aircraft that Boeing developed as a replacement for the US Navy’s ageing P-3 fleet. With a maximum speed of 907 kmph and an operating range of over 1,200 nautical miles, “with four hours on station”, the P-8Is will be able to detect “threats” — and neutralize them if required — far before they come anywhere near Indian shores.

Its communication and sensor suite includes indigenous equipment developed by defence PSUs and private manufacturers. Equipped with foreign and indigenous sensors for maritime reconnaissance, anti-submarine operations and electronic intelligence missions, the aircraft is fully integrated with state-of-the-art sensors and highly potent anti-surface and anti-submarine weapons.

The P-8I aircraft has achieved a number of operational milestones which includes participation in the search effort for Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370, the first successful firing of air launched Harpoon Block II missile in the world, torpedo firing and active participation in major naval exercises.

Armed with deadly Harpoon Block-II missiles, MK-54 lightweight torpedoes, rockets and depth charges, these sensor and radar-packed aircraft are the country’s “intelligent hawk eyes” over the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) that is increasingly getting militarized.

The Odisha capital Bhubaneshwar had experienced the severe impact of the cyclone with several damages like most of the trees were uprooted in the city and heavy rainfall continues in Ganjam, Puri, Khurda and Jagastinghpur districts and most of the trees got uprooted in many other regions.

Hours ago Interacting to the media on how cyclone FANI affected the media, Indian Coast Guard Inspector General KR Suresh said that, “So far, we have not received any reports about loss of life in the sea due to Cyclone Fani.”