Cyclone Alert Sounded In Tamilnadu


Chennai: Cyclone to cross Tamil Nadu coast on Dec 2, says Met department. Heavy rain forecast for Tamil Nadu, Puducherry from tomorrow.

The regional meteorological department has announced heavy rains to lash Chennai on December 1 and December 2. However, the department has asked people not to anticipate a floodlike situation.

The first North East Monsoon pressure system for the season is moving towards Tamil Nadu. This low pressure system is expected to change into a depression. Though two systems earlier formed in the region, they moved away from the coast and Tamil Nadu received minimal rainfall.

The low pressure will most likely change into a depression on 30th December and into a deep depression on Thursday and shall cross Tamil Nadu between Chennai and Nagapattinam

This has caused a bit of panic among people of Chennai as the floods of 2015 have still not faded away for them. But experts claim that a flood situation is very unlikely. Coastal regions from Chennai to Nagapattinam will receive heavy rainfall and delta regions would see a moderate rainfall.

The north east monsoon is apparently hitting the state after a bit of delay due to South West winds. Warnings have been given to fishermen to not enter the sea and deep sea vessels have been asked to return.

The state historically receives maximum rain during November but this year, the rainfall was not adequate. The rain shower from the present system is essential to fill the water storage Chennai would require for drinking purpose for the next year. Insufficient rains did almost push Chennai greater corporation seeking other methods for fulfilling water needs for the city with even plans to ask for more water from Andhra.

The case of a flood damage is opted out like in 2015 as last year, city’s water reservoirs and the ground water belt were saturated with heavy rains in November which is not the situation this year.


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