Cycle Expedition To Sundarbans From Canning


Kolkata: Sonarpur Arohi has organized a cycle expedition to Sundarbans on to enhance fitness. The expedition will start from Canning on Tuesday morning.

Ten members of the organization participated in this cycle expedition. Rudraprasad Haldar, general secretary of the organization who won the Everest, will also be in this campaign.

He said that expedition was for only three days but it is quite difficult. Because, there are many small islands in the Sundarbans. Finding ferries from one island to another is the biggest challenge. At the same time, the seven rivers in the Sundarbans will be crossed by the explorers. The greater challenge is to cross those rivers.

The expedition team headed by Rudraprasad Halder and the team covered distance of 300 Kms via jhorkhali, kumirmari, Maipith, J-plot and I-plot. The expedition will be ended in Ramgnaga or Kakdwip. According to them, since the whole operation is in the Sunderbans region, so how much bicycling will be and how much bi-cycle will not be done to cross the river.