Cyber Experts From Kerala Unleash ‘Surgical Strikes’ On Pakistan Cyberspace


Thiruvananthapuram: After Pakistani cyber attackers allegedly hacked Kerala’s security mission website, a group of cyber experts from Kerala – the ‘Mallu Cyber Soldiers’ – decided to respond in kind: by hacking 200 websites including government website.

The facebook post went on like this:

“A warm greetings to all from team MALLU CYBER SOLDIERS,
Dear friends, hope you all have noticed that Pakistani hackers recently hacked our Kerala security mission website.
We have even warned them several times regarding this misadventure. Whatever it is, we cannot tolerate any foreign powers casting an evil eye on our home land to humiliate us.
We have been testing the security of India’s public or private sector websites and being reporting the same to the authorities concerned without a single concern for any reward. The only concern for us is our country.
Even you can approach us to make sure whether your website is safe or not. Its purely free of cost.
Pak hackers destroyed just ONE of our government website. See, now we are paying them back not just with a HUNDRED, instead we pay them back with around TWO HUNDRED in return, for just ONE.
We have conquered TWO HUNDRED websites including government website.”

The hackers from Pakistan and Kerala are engaged in a cyber war for the past few days. The cyber war started when Pakistanis targeted the websites of Thiruvananthapuram International Airport and others.

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The list of the sites hacked were also given: