Cyber Security And Your Smartphone


New Delhi: One of the most important things is stay safe and secure when online. The thought that your mobile could be used for any purpose, and that includes stealing sensitive data is very scary, and very real.

One simple way to help protect yourself via your phone is to regularly check the status of your mobile apps and the updates. Delete them if they are no longer supported in the Apple or Google stores.

Mobile Malware like Viking Hoard that created a botnet and affected Android devices, or Pegasus that affected both iOS and Android devices masquerading and an app to harvest data are very real threats which were primarily used for adware purposes, now they have been seen rooting millions of devices with malware effectively opening the back door on infected devices.

Of course, it is also vital to have good security software installed on your mobile devices. User behavior and awareness need to evolve alongside the continued threat of malware and possible spyware.

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