Cyber Dual To Capture City Of Joy


Kolkata: Though five months to go for the annual home coming of the Mother Goddess, cyber dual has begun. From Bally of North to Ballygunge in the South of Kolkata, puja organizers are gearing up to meet the challenge of snatching the trophy of the ‘Best from the Rest’.

One of the reasons to start up so early is for advertisements. Money from advertisements adds to the glam quotient of Puja and not puja subscriptions from people.

The history of teaser started in 2015 with Deshapriya Park catching the headlines of creating the largest Durga idol. So apart from making the necessary noise about being the promising crowd puller, controlling the advertising market is the actual game changer though everybody is tight lipped about it.

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South Santoshpur Lake Pally Puja is in its 60th year. But though there is serious issue regarding the artist, the puja organizers are playing the card of ‘Diamond Jubilee’ to draw public attention.  Later one of the puja organizers informed Shivshankar Rudra Pal is their artist.

Some of the big puja organizers are using the fame of top artists that have been hired, others are using ‘theme’ as their tool of propaganda. Some using slogan as their weapon like Tala Barowari of North Kolkata. Their slogan this year is ‘Hok Hat Trick’ as their teaser.

Behala’s Notun Sangha’s teaser is again a word of caution towards other big pujas of Kolkata.

The common people of Kolkata are enjoying the cyber dual. Though it is only summer but Bengalis are all up in arms to usher in the Mother Goddess.

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