Cyber Crime Portal For Women : Rajnath Singh


Ahmedabad: If you are a victim of online abuse and cybercrime, then here’s something to help you. The Ministry of Home Affairs is reportedly going to launch a web portal for victims to register complaints on a real-time basis.

Banks have also been given access to this portal to mitigate cases of financial fraud. The portal will become operational from 10 January onwards.

In a bid to tackle cybercrime, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday proposed an online portal to report cybercrimes against women.

“Need to increase cyber forensic capabilities. We have decided to establish cybercrime reporting portal to report cyber crimes against women,” Singh said at the All India Forensic Science Conference here. He also said that a laboratory will be established to abolish crime against children and women.

To tackle the rising problem of child pornography and rape videos online, a separate section on the website will be made where the crime videos can be uploaded anonymously so that further action can be taken