Cyber Attack Similar To ‘WannaCry’ Spreading Like Wildfire


Moscow: Massive cyber attack that has initially hit Ukraine appears to be spreading across the world.

The hack was already the biggest in Ukraine’s history when it hit that country. But it appears to be making its way to other countries – including Spain and India – and may be functioning like the massive “Wannacry” attack, according to cyber security experts.

The attack is hitting major infrastructure in the countries where it has spread to. That has included companies ranging as widely as Danish shipping company Maersk and British advertising company WPP.

Some security experts have even suggested the attack could be bigger than the Wannacry attack, which spread across the world in May. That was most famous for hitting the NHS and locking down computers across hospitals and doctors surgeries, but it also hit other major companies internationally.

At the time, cyber security professionals warned that a repeat attack could be launched that would be even bigger than that crippling hack.

Initial reports had suggested the hack was a co-ordinated hack being launched at Ukraine and Russia at the same time. It’s not clear how it began, or how it made its way to other countries.

Russia’s top oil producer Rosneft said a large-scale cyber attack hit its servers on Tuesday and computer systems at some banks and the main airport in neighbouring Ukraine were also disrupted.