Cut Off My Arm Than Accepting Bad Deal: Greek FM


Athens: Reeling under a severe economic crisis with the possibility of crashing out of Eurozone, Greece Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, has pledged to resign if his country votes yes to the bailout plan proposed by international lenders.

Varoufakis, the academic-turned-minister who has riled his eurozone counterparts, said he would not remain finance minister on Monday if Greece voted yes.

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In an interview with Bloomberg, the self-declared “erratic Marxist” said he would rather cut off his arm than accept another austerity bailout without any debt relief for Greece.

However, he said he was “quite confident” that the Greek people would back the government’s call for a no vote.

Greeks are being asked if the government should accept a bailout plan that would restart financial aid in exchange for further austerity and economic reform.

With barely a week to organise a vote on a technical jargon-heavy question, the result remains on a knife edge. The latest poll had the yes vote at 47%, while 43% are against, according to GPO survey of 1,000 people. An earlier poll had put the no camp in the lead.

Eurozone leaders have made it clear that if Greece voted no, it would be saying goodbye to the euro.