Customer Lost Rs 23K After Giving ATM Pin


Midnapaore: A housewife named Mamata Miati of Khajurberia village in Midnapore has been trapped by fraudsters.She was lost twenty three thousand rupees in five phases.Panic spread in the area after the incident came in light.

As said by Mamata, on Saturday afternoon her brother-in-law Prahallad Maiti got a phone call, the caller claimed himself as a bank official.The caller said to Prahallad that there is some problem in Prahallad’s bank account for which he has to give his account number and ATM number. But Prahallad replied that he doesn’t have any ATM. Listening this the caller asked some other family member’s ATM number.Then Prahallad gave his Sister-in law Mamata Maiti’s ATM number to him. Maiti family followed all the instruction given by the caller. After a while money was withdrawn in five phases from Mamata’s account serially – Rs 4999, Rs 3999, Rs 1999, Rs 1999 and Rs 9999 respectively.

After this incident Mamata contact the bank authority and explained about the incident but the bank authority said no such calls were made from the bank. Mamata was now sure that she was looted and became a victim of fraud. Mamata had a total of Rs two lakhs ninety eight thousand eight hundred and thirty four rupees.Later bank authority closed the account number before the fraudsters could withdraw the remaining money.

Maiti family files a complaint at Nandakumar police station there they were advised to file a complaint at district cyber cell.Accordingly the family is in contact with Cyber cell in order to get their money back.District Cyber cell department is investigating the whole issue.Various notifications are being made to alert the customers across the State. But, despite this the customers are trapped in the trap of fraudsters.

Earlier, many incidents of bank fraud has emerged and became the news headlines. But still customers are not careful.The Youth Congress has protested against this kind of bank fraud at north Howrah Salkia Chowrasta.Besides blocking the road, along with the protests, the protesters had also burnt the Narendra Modi’s effigies.

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