Curtain Falls On Famous Chandidas Chitra Mandir


Bankura: Famous Chandidas Chitra Mandir Cinema hall of Bankura district closed its doors to cinephiles on Thursday. Due to many multiplexes , Chitra Mandir authorities are forced to shut down the hall. Here the people of the Bankura gave public appreciations to Rabindranath Tagore.

কর্পোরেট ধাক্কায় রবীন্দ্রস্মৃতি ধন্য চণ্ডীদাস সিনেমা হলের শেষ নিঃশ্বাস

In 1941, Rabindranath Tagore came here on the invitation of legendary sculptor Ram Kinkar Baij of Bankura. Tagore stayed in hill house. Now the hill house turned into the bungalow of District Collector. At that time, Rabindranath Tagore himself inaugurated the movie hall.

Indo-Islamic architecture was seen in Chandidas Chitra Mandir. Three shows were run every day here. The shows run at 12AM in the afternoon, 3PM in the afternoon and 6PM in the evening. The price of the ticket was Rs 40 and the general ticket was Rs 30. For a long time, people used to go to Chandidas to watch the movie.

One worker said, “Since 1995, I have been associated with this hall. We told the owner to stop the hall as it run in losses.” Bankura University professor and researcher Arvind Chatterjee said in this context that Chandidas Chitra Madir has been closed. It is the shame of Bankura, the shame of the nation. Chandidas was always different than the five other cinema halls.