Cultural Harmony: Hindu-Muslim Jointly Worships Ma Kali In New Town


Kolkata: Cultural harmony is one of the oldest culture of India. It is the password of peaceful coexistence in a country like India. Many enthralling examples have surrounded us before. A New Town puja committee, Baligari & Chakpachuria Milti Sangha organising Kali Puja with joint initiative of Hindu-Muslim which is carrying a message of harmony.

The puja committee has themed Rath Temple of Balakuram, Andhrapradesh in the pandal decoration. Glimpses of Mahabharata and icon of various deities have been presented inside the pandal. Plywood, Bamboo, woods have been used as material to execute the idea. A beautiful and expertly crafted chandelier has been hanged to bring light inside the pandal.

Kanai Pal has made the Kali idol with his efficient craftsmanship. The entire lights decoration has been brought from Chandannagore which is known for its creativity on this.

Mayor of Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation Sabyasachi Dutta has inaugurated the puja on Saturday. On this occasion, he said, that, Depepavali is festival of lights which is celebrated to ward off the evils. We pray for every-ones’ good health, strength and good will on this auspicious occasion. We all must keep the peace and tranquility to stay together.

States apart from West Bengal witnessing many horrific incident that has changed the scenario. It should not happen in this state. A firecracker exhibition took place following the inauguration along with a cultural programme. Jhumur dance has been showcased in that programme. Hindu and Muslim people jointly celebrated the event and have set example of harmony in society.

Reported By: Shubhash Baidya.

Edited By: Susmita Das.