‘Cruel’ Injustice To Lives Lost In Flyover Mishap


Kolkata: Just a year ago, right at this moment, the disastrous day had not only planted fear in the minds of every Calcuttan, but had also left an indescribable mark on our minds. The Vivekananda Flyover mishap …. the tragedy which took away 22 lives in the most pathetic way, is still etched in our minds.

Every television news channel flashed unedited versions of this unkind tragedy. On March 31, 2016 the city witnessed the sudden collapse of the Vivekananda flyover dooming the fates of so many lives. Unedited images showed how the blood of innocent souls were lost due to the negligence of some. Parts of lifeless bodies stucking out of the rubbles of the collapsed bridge drew the emotional outcry of thousands watching live on TV or viewing live updates from news portals. The helpless cry of those stuck under the rubbles left commuters dumb-struck. Thousands of hands could not lift up a single part. Those who still had some time to live passed away in vain. Their wait was futile as the city never knew how to manage such a disaster.

Bodies recovered could be compared to a matchbox crushed under one’s feet. Reporters’ voices shivered while they reported it. Photographers’ hands trembled while they took the snaps. All confessed to have covered something for the first time in life, nothing of the sort have they done ever.

Death comes quite sudden but what matters most are those seconds in between life and death and how one suffers in those few moments. Unimaginable! But brave are their souls, for they endured it, which one can never imagine in reality.

The taxi driver stuck between two cars is still fresh in everyone’s mind. The helpless hand reaching out for water is still fresh. Life mocks us. We are sinners, everyone is. But what sin can take away a soul so cruelly?

Rest In Peace innocent souls ….