Crowed Flocks Kolkata Pandals on Maha Saptami


Kolkata: Festivity and joy overwhelmed the Calcuttans who dressed in their colorful attire started to flock the various puja –pandals depicting amazing decorations and unique themes on Maha Saptami.

The overwhelming crowed has created a huge traffic snarl as roads are chocked to their limit. Kolkata police have deployed thousands of additional personnel to ensure a safe and sound puja.

Here are the live updates:

  • Power services got disrupted in Esplanade and Central metro stations.
  • The cuisine loving Bengalis are pouring in the restaurants and food joints as the night is progressing. The pujas in Salt Lake too are drawing huge crowed.
  • Crowds flocking the puja of Kashi Bose Lane.kashi-bose
  • Record number of people are visiting he famous puja of Sribhumi Sporting Club. Devotees fro outside of West Bengal too flocked in to have a taste of the Kolkata pujas. sribhumi
  • The same picture of overwhelming crowed can be seen at Naktala Udayan Sangha, Bosepukur.
  • Pandal hoopers are flocking in huge numbers including the celebrities to famous pujas like Suruchi Sangha and Selimpur.
  • The VIP gate of Selimpur Puja has been closed by police due to the lack of proper security arrangements as huge crowed overwhelmed the structure.
  • Metro rails will run at a difference of 15 minutes each from 02:00 am to 04:00am.
  • Police personnel along with fire brigade are keeping a strict vigil for any unwanted situation.
  • Despite all the pomp and pompous devotees were left fumbling as police clamped a ban on the biggest hype this year–Deshopriya Park durga puja, which features a 88 feet Durg aidol.
  • As the Saptami night is progressing crowed poured in the city roads amid wonderful lighting adding glow to the celebration.

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