Cricket Stand Collapses During England-West Indies Match, 3 Injured


Durham: A cricket stand has collapsed during an England international match leaving at least three spectators injured. The seating fell apart during a Twenty20 game against the West Indies at the Emirates Riverside in Chester-le-Street, Durham.

It happened shortly before 9.30pm while England were batting with pictures from the scene showing a section of the floor caved in. There were also reports that a female spectator was injured after falling through the hole. Hundreds were evacuated from that area of the stand following the incident.

Durham County Cricket Club said: ‘During the course of the second innings between England v West Indies at Emirates Riverside, three spectators were injured when a small section of the North-East Terrace flooring became unstable causing them to fall.

‘Stewards took precautionary action and evacuated that area of the stand efficiently. ‘The stand is a permanent fixture at the venue and had passed inspections in the week prior to the match.’

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