Creator Defends iPhone Like Gun Against Critics


London: Folded up it looks like an iPhone, but Kirk Kjellberg’s creation is designed to be a deadly weapon.

The gun his company, Ideal Conceal, is marketing to sell later this year has already drawn the attention of Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), who described it as “just a disaster waiting to happen.”

Kjellberg told “CBS This Morning” his gun’s design, which allows it to unfold from a “smart phone” shape to a fully functional weapon, would allow a responsible owner to carry it more freely.

“There are some people that would take serious issue in the workplace or somewhere else to see a gun on you, and I think it gives people the opportunity to avoid that conversation,” Kjellberg said.

Schumer disagreed, and called on the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Fireams and Explosives to investigate whether this gun would violate federal laws.

The senator claims there are two federal laws it potentially violates, including not allowing guns to look like pens and not allowing guns to be undetectable going through security like those in airports.

Kjellberg responded in a statement to CBS This Morning saying: “I encourage Senator Schumer’s investigation, as it will reveal that Ideal Conceal will fall firmly in line with ATF guidelines and is therefore legal.”

Matthew Horace, a former ATF special agent, said this new invention could have disastrous consequences.

“If law enforcement comes in touch with someone that has this and mistakes a phone for a gun, or a gun for a phone, the results could be tragic,” Horace said.

The company said the new firearm will be available for purchase by the middle of this year for $395.

CBS News