Cracks in rail line halts Darjeeling Mail and Gour Express


Murshidabad: A crevice in the rail line between Arihan and Sujnitala near Murshidabad has disrupted the train schedule in the wing. As a result of which, the Inter City Express has been diverted to Farakka before reaching to Howrah or Patna. A few other trains have also been cancelled due to the fissure in the line. The route of the fast passenger trains have also been cut short as a result of it.

Maldah: A fissure in the rail track has also been seen in the Maldah division line as well. According to rail sources, due to excessive rainfall, a crack has been seen in the Jamirhata station in Kaliachowk.  Fissures have been located in the Rakharpur station in the Maldah line as well. The railway authorities have claimed that the repairing work has already been taken up by them. The long distance trains like Daarjeeling mail and Gour Express have been halted due to the ongoing repairing work.