CPRC Charge Against BJP Candidate To EC


Kolkata: Jalpaiguri district BJP camp faces huge critisism just before panchayat. Several case has been filed against BJP candidate Alok Sen of abducting a minor, detained her forcefully and fraud case has been alleged him in New Jalpaiguri police.

BJP district president Debashish Chakraborty tagged the incident as a conspiracy against BJP. He told Kolkata 24X7, Trinamool is threatened over the massive loss in panchayat election. So they took help from police just two days before the panchayat.

Child Protection and Right Commision already written to State Election Commission to take legal action against against BJP candidate Alok Sen and wife Pompi Sen. Mother of the minor girl has filed a FIR on May 9 where she mentioned Alok Sen has forcefully separated her child from the family. She couldn’t meet her child for long. Later she came to know that her identity has been replaced by other name and sent to some other place.

Meanwhile, mother of the minor girl came to know there are several allegation against the BJP candidate. He is the master of making fake identity. Bulk of allegation of making fake identity are there against him. Many under CBI scanner. The mother of the minor girl went to the house of the candidate to meet her child but couldn’t. But she has been said, “if you go to police, you have to pay for this.”

The mother knocked the door of police as the child can be trafficked by the alleged BJP candidate. After getting the information Child Protection and Right Commission (CPRC) recovered the minor girl. The authority assured proper legal action against the BJP candidate. A member of the Commission Prasun Bhowmick said, “Several serious charge are there against him. We’ll investigate the legal sides and inform commission that his candidature can be cancelled or not.”