CPM Witnessed Mass Departure Of 60,000 People Within Year


Kolkata: At a time when top CPI-M leaders are holding the party Congress in Hyderabad to determine the tactical line which the party will follow for the next three years, Bengal, once a red bastion, is showing a gloomy picture with 60,000 workers leaving the party in the past one and a half years.

The organisational report presented at the party Congress shows that since the 2016 Assembly polls in Bengal till now, 60,000 workers have left the party. Of these party members, around 15,000 idle ones have been dropped by the leadership itself, while the remaining 45,000 members have not renewed their membership.

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The huge fall in the number of members has also affected the financial health of the party badly. It may be mentioned that a few days ago, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had criticised the senior leaders of the party for their failure to stop the exodus of their cadres to BJP.

Political experts said there are three reasons responsible for the present situation. The party was thrown out of power in 2011 by Mamata Banerjee. Instead of trying to repair the shortcomings that had led to their defeat, party leaders tried to convince the workers that Trinamool Congress would not be able to come back in the 2016 Assembly polls.