CPM Wants To Make Shah’s Comment As Weapon In Lok Sabha


Kolkata: The statement of Amit Shah on the Sabarimala issue has hit hard on the CPM party, leading to party politburo protesting against it. The CPM wants to use this issue during their campaigns.

The politburo in its statement said, “BJP president Amit Shah in Kerala, in his statement, has challenged the Supreme Court’s order on the entry of women in Sabarimala temple. Through his thoughts, he is leading his men to ignore and insult the Supreme Court’s order. From Shah’s statements it can be understood that who is behind the violence at Sabarimala.”

People’s Democracy, mouthpiece of CPM, in its latest issue, has published a report where it says that Amit Shah has directly challenged India’s democracy. Although he explained the party’s political stand at Kannur’s rally, but it clearly shows hatred which incites threats and violence. In every case, he has challenged the Kerala government and the Supreme Court.

Stating Shah’s statement at Kerala, People’s Democracy said that Shah said that the Supreme Court should not directed something that go against the religious faith of the people and “can’t be implemented” on the ground.

Accusing Shah of blatantly ignoring the apex court ruling, the CPM said it was in keeping with the RSS-BJP’s continous attempt to make it Hindu Rastra for that they want to restructure constitution to make a mockery of Supreme Court.

The CPM party has alleged that several anti-democratic works took place during the rule of the Modi-government. They have also alleged that the voice of democracy was suppressed during the Modi-Shah tenure. CPM party wants to make this issue a part of their campaign.

A leader of CPM central committee said, “There are more than hundred issues to use in campaigning against BJP in Lok Sabha. But the people of the country are scared and worried over several incidents of the murder of democracy. Shah’s comment in Kerala on Sabarimala has infused fear in the minds of the common people who are followers of the democracy.”