CPM-TMC Blame Game Ensues Over Siliguri Bridge Collapse


Kolkata: West Bengal Tourism Minister Goutam Deb, after inspecting the area where
the bridge collapsed in Fashideoya of Siliguri, lashed out at the CPM for the
collapse. Though there has been no reports of any injury, but the minister raised
questions on their role in the building of the bridge.

Goutam Deb said, “The bridge at Fashideoya was built during the tenure of the Left.
Questions will rise as to how did they build it or how was it maintained by them.

North Bengal development minister Rabindranath Ghosh also accused the CPM for being
responsible for the bridge collapse.

This bridge is the only communication route between Chathat-Fashideoya. The locals
are mostly dependable on agriculture and there lies the importance of the bridge.

However, the political analysts are saying that the Panchayat in the Siliguri sub-
divisional parishad, belongs to the Left. The sub-divisional parishad is also under
the Left. Hence the state government is refusing to take responsibility.

Reacting strongly to this, Jibesh Sarkar, CPM leader of North Bengal, said that the
state government cannot evade from taking responsibility. The way the minister is
talking, it seems that they have no responsibility at all.

Siliguri Mayor Ashok Bhattacharya said, “It needs to be seen that on which area the
bridge is located. Is it in sub-divisional parishad or in the Siliguri-Jalpaiguri
development parshad, needs to be determined.”