CPM takes the road to protest against TMC violence


Balurghat: CPM workers and supporters on Thursday took the streets demanding the stoppage of Trinamool hooliganism in the area before the upcoming polls. On Thursday morning a rally was conducted in various areas of North Dinajpur. It is reported that the CPM workers were on the receiving end of the violence created by the TMC workers of Gangarampur. The rally choked the normal proceedings of the area.

The CPM of the area has also reported that police is not playing a prominent role to protect them from the TMC goons. It is being carried out by the TMC hooligans for quite a few time, reports the CPM workers of that area.

The CPM had organized a rally on the thirteenth day of the ongoing month. The CPM workers were lathi charged by the police during the rally. As a result of which, 15 of the CPM workers were injured severely. Instead, of lodging a complaint, the police filed non bailable warrant against 100 CPM workers. To protest against the incident, the CPM workers organized a rally on Thursday also.