CPM Suspends 2 Members Accused Of Alleged Gang-Rape


Thiruvananthapuram: The CPM on Friday suspended two party members accused of gang-raping a woman from Kerala till an investigation report comes out.

The Kerala police has ordered an investigation into the allegations made by a 32-year-old gang-rape survivor from Thrissur. Speaking to the media, the woman on Thursday alleged that she was raped by a CPM position bearer and three others in 2014. She also alleged that the police humiliated her and forced her to withdraw the case when she finally mustered the courage to report the rape.

She claimed that the police asked her “Which one of them pleasured you the most?”
Director General of Police Loknath Behera confirmed that the allegations of gang-rape will be investigated from scratch. “It will be a challenge but we have taken up this challenge,” he told media persons. He has also ordered an inquiry into the police conduct and has asked an Inspector General to look into the issue.

The opposition raised the gang-rape survivor’s allegations in the Assembly. Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala demanded the suspension of all police personnel involved in this case. Law Minister AK Balan responded saying there will not be any leniency shown by the government, assuring unbiased action.

The 32-year-old was allegedly gang raped in 2014 but she registered a case with the police two years later in 2016.

“I could tell even my husband several months later. I was very scared to register a case because the rapists had video recorded the entire incident and threatened to make it public if I complained”, the survivor had told the media.

One of the accused has denied the allegations saying the couple fabricated the allegations since he was pressuring them to return the money he had lent them.