CPM Stronghold Bastion Now Turned Into Haunted House


Kolkata: In the formidable Left citadel in West Bengal for over three decades, Paschim Midnapore was considered a CPI(M) stronghold. Battling financial problems and others after being out of power in West Bengal, the CPI(M) has lost their ground and party offices.

Now the party houses of CPM in many areas turned into the haunted houses due to the carelessness. Enayetpur CPM zonal party office of Paschim Midnapore has the same story but few years back, this party office was considered one of the most strong bastion of CPM Harmad cadres.

This party office has also served another history. The first armed Harmad gangs was formed in this party house to fight with Maoists In Paschim Midnapore area. The Maoists led by Kisenji had attacked the office but had to retreat after a prolonged gun battle. Although no bodies were found, the guerrillas are believed to have suffered casualties.

The Enayetpur CPM office, heavily fortified and teeming with armed party cadres mainly brought in from outside, had become an obstruction to Maoist movement between Salboni, Midnapore town and Orissa.

According to the Political think tanks, Enayetpur CPM office turned into a armoury at that time. Kisenji move back but said that they killed many cadres in this fight.

Kolkata24x7 reached the party office at Manidaha to see the present scenario of the CPM stronghold. According to locals, “If anybody did not attend the meeting then he or she faced the fataws of the party cadres. But it is history now.” Many of the locals said that CPM ruled, now TMC in power but our situations remain unchanged.

Today Bengal is in the hands of Mamata Banerjee. All CPM Party offices of the Jangalmahal are now served as the ghost house and also illegal activities run from this houses.

Reported By- Koushik Sinha

Edited By- Piku Mukherjee