CPM People Alleged For Silently Helping BJP In Fight Against TMC


Kolkata: BJP, which is putting up a spirited fight in West Bengal and is expected to raise its vote share substantially, has found an unlikely ally in the Left with CPM cadres silently helping it at the ground level. The common object of hate for the two sides, otherwise sworn enemies, is Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress.

Unlike its formidable organisational machinery in the heartland states, BJP lacks muscle in these parts and is a much smaller force compared to TMC or even the emasculated Congress and Left. The party’s poll managers readily admit that they are banking on help from “unexpected quarters” – ground level CPM workers. These foot soldiers, squirming at the ruling regime’s harassment and growing might, would love nothing more than giving a bloody nose to Banerjee, even if it means joining hands with the growing saffronites.