CPM Mouthpiece Shut In Tripura


Kolkata: The registration of ‘Daily Desher Katha’, a mouthpiece of the Tripura CPI(M), has been cancelled, triggering angry reactions from the party’s senior leaders. The CPM party of Tripura has strongly condemned that issue.

The CPM Politburo expressed dissatisfaction over the cancellation of the paper. Beside this, CPM West Bengal State Committee (CPM) felt that freedom of the press has been disrupted.

CPM alleged that the BJP government in Tripura stopped publishing this newspaper from October 2. On Tuesday, CPM party was appealed to condemn this incident.

Politburo claims that the ‘Daily Desher Katha’ has been one of the major newspapers of Tripura for the last 40 years and it is the state’s second most publicized newspaper.