Trinamool Emerged Victorious in Bidhanagar


Kolkata: The vote counting for the three Municipal Corporation Elections in west Bengal has begun from 08:00 am on Saturday. Polls were held on October 3 in 16 wards of Bali, 41 wards Salt Lake and 106 wards in Asansol.

While re-polls have been conducted on October 09 on 9 booths in Salt lake and 2 booths in Asansol after opposition raised outcry over massive violence and rigging.


  • TMC wins 37 wards in Bidhan Nagar (West Bengal) polls. In Bally (WB), TMC wins 16 wards. In Asanol, TMC wins 65 wards. 
  • Trinamool won 37 wards in Bidhannagar likely to form board son. Out of 41 wards in Bidhannagar LF wins 2, Congress=-2, BJP-0.
  • Trinamool candidate Aninda Chatterjee won from ward nu-41 by defeating independent candidate Anupam Dutta by 789 votes. This ward has seen massive violence during the October 3 polls allegedly by TMC.
  • Ashim Dasgupta lost to TMC candidate in ward nu-32.
  • CPM candidate Ramala Chakroborty lost in ward nu-33.
  • Trinamool candidate Sabyasachi Dutta registers victory from ward nu-31.
  • Trnamool candidate Tapas Chatterjee won from Ward nu-15. The party also won from ward nu-2 and 3.
  • Congress candidate Debraj Chakraborty registered first victory in ward nu-7. He won by 911 votes. He is a close aide of Purnendu Basu. Chakraborty is currently in jail custody after he got arrested on October 3 for poll violence.
  • Ashim Dasgupta trailing behind TMC candidate in ward nu-32
  • CPM candidate Ramala Chakraborty leading in ward nu-33.
  • Trinamool leading in 34 wards while CPM is leading in 4.
  • Trinamool is leading in ward nu-4,29,31 and 35 in Bidhannagar.
  • Trinamool is trailing in ward nu-12 and 14 in Bidhannagar.


  • Out of 106 wards in Asansol, Trinamool so far emerged victorious in 33 wards.
  • TMC candidate Shikha Ghatak won ward nu-46. Trinamool also captured ward nu-37.
  • Trinamool won ward nu-55.
  • Left candidate Muhammad Wasim Haq wins ward nu-24.
  • BJP candidate registered victiory in ward nu-23. Win by 60 votes.
  • CPM candidate Narayan Bauri emerged victorious in ward nu-33.
  • BJP candidate Prabir Chatterjee wins ward nu-19.
  • TMC won ward nu-20 by 1727 votes. The party also registered victory in ward nu-1.
  • TMC candidate Sumitra Bauri won from ward nu-16 by 400 votes. The party also won ward nu-15 and 8.
  • CPM candidate Tapas Kabi won from ward nu-9 by 100 votes. CPM also captured ward nu-10.
  • TMC emerged victorious in ward nu-16, 9 and 6. Leading in 20 wards.
  • Trinamool candidate Kartik Dhibar won ward nu-Kartik Dhibar by 1500 votes.


  • CPM has been rooted out from Bali after 40 years.
  • Trinamool captured Bali by winning 16 wards.
  • TMC leading in 11 wards in Bali.
  • Vote counting is going on in Bali.
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