CPM-Congress Walk Out Of Bengal Assembly

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Kolkata: The CPM and the Congress party walked out of the Vidhan Sabha on Monday accusing the speaker of hearing no important issues raised by the opposition.

State CPM leader Sujan Chakraborty and opposition leader Abdul Mannan accused the state government for the price hike in the recent days, on Monday at a press meet after they walked out of the Legislative Assembly. Mannan accused the assembly speaker of not listening to a single problem raised by the accusations. An MLA had raised the issue of the closing down of several tea gardens. But he accused that the speaker refused to comment on this as he said that not a single tea garden is close in West Bengal.

Abdul Mannan also said that another MLA had raised a question about a particular issue. But the speaker declined to hear the issue blaming him for raising a question from a different department, not belonging to the MLA. He also accused that the speaker refused to hear any question in relating to the price hike. He alleged that the speaker refused to hear any problems raised by the opposition parties.

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Abdul Mannan, in the press conference, accused the Bengal government of having an alliance with the BJP at the centre. He and his party also accused the centre-state governments’ linkage for the price hike. He criticized the present government at the State for not inviting a single MP or MLA from the opposition parties to the chief minister’s administrative meetings.

Mannan alleged that they were called ‘shameless.‘  Sujan Chakraborty raised questions against the government and asked why the government is trying to curb the opposition’s right to speak. He said that they will fight for their rights and will take their fight to the highest level if needed.