CPM Says No To Alliance With Congress


Kolkata: CPM is no more depending on Congress to get a place in assembly poll. Overwhelming majority has rejected the political strategy of Sitaram Yechury for the upcoming election. Sunday meeting in Kolkata cleared that well. Members are seemingly more loaded in favour of former general secretary Prakash Karat.

Bengal and few others argued for an open-ended electoral approach to fight BJP. Kerala and Andhra Pradesh made the majority in not entering any tie-up with Congress. The Sunday meeting comes to a conclusion where CPM in panchayet poll in Bengal neither in Tripura assembly poll is aligned with Congress.

Though some of the Central Committee Members of Bengal CPM camp wanted to be friendly with the Congress but three from Bengal brigade- Dipak Dasgupta, Nripen Chowdhury, Anju Kar are against the Bengal line. Tripura gave an adverse impact on the negotiation. The Central Committee Meeting in Kolkata produced a “lets go solo” attitude for upcoming assembly poll.

Majority took an opposite stand point to make any kind of negotiation with Congress, though Bengal wanted to make a positive impact. The argument was on the ground that the Left needs to fight BJP on both economical and social grounds when it is hard to differentiate the Congress economic policies from BJP.

Source of a party insider puts 51 members for Karat, on the other hand 39 members for Yechury want to go for a tie with some secular parties. Present and the former general secretary have produced a draft on the political resolution, Karat made a straight win on the argument. Final decision will be taken at the party conference in April in Hyderabad.

On Sunday at Alimuddin Street Sitaram yechury said, there is no pre-decided tie-up for assembly poll since 2002. Politburo has produced a draft to the Central Committee. It has been accepted for party conference after some amendments. We have not taken any political strategy till now. Final decision will be taken after party conference.