CPI(M) Panchayaat Pradhan murdered

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Nadia: CPI(M) Panchayaat Pradhan Feroz Dafadar was murdered in Nadia’s Nikashipara area. He was the Pradhan of Dhananjaypur village. According to local sources, he was returning on Friday evening from a meeting when he was murdered.

According to eye witnesses, after the meeting he had was starting his motorbike when some miscreants came on another motorbike and shot him from a very close distance. The Trinamool Congress has been accused of murdering the Panchayaat Pradhan although TMC has rubbished all the allegations against them and has said that the murder was a result of CPI(M) infighting.

The CPI(M) supporters have lodged a complaint against Trinamool Congress. CPI(M) State Secretary Surya Kanta Mishra has condemned the murder of the panchayat Pradhan. He has demanded severe punishment for the accused.