CP Students Entrails Manhandling Situation In Front Of Top Congress Brass


Kolkata: The two group in Congress Chatra Parishad have been involved in manhandling situation in presence of Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury on Tuesday. The congress brigade expressed unease over the incident.

The foundation day for Chatra Parishad celebrated in Mahajati Sadan on Tuesday. During Chowdhury’s speech two groups of the student congress started to create chaos which turns violent with growing time. The stage was illuminated with the presence of veteran congress leaders. Newly selected AICC observer Gaurav Gogoi was astonished to witness such pictures inside the room.

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Kolkata District Chatra Parishad President Argha Gan stated that, many leaders were present in the programme where CP State President Sourav Prasad did not show proper gesture. The agitation sparks after another part commented over his behaviour and the president used derogatory words repling on this. Though The president the denied such fact took place in the incident.