Court Pronounced 10-Days Police Custody To Alik Chakraborty


Baruipur: Red Star & land movement leader Alik Chakraborty has sentenced ten days police custody on Saturday. He has been brought to Kolkata on a transit remand from Bhubaneswar.

According to police source, IPC 147, 148, 149, 302, 25 and 27 law have been charged against Alik Chakraborty in Ashikur Rahman murder case. On the other hand, CID has filed a case against him on the charge of traitorship. He said media on his way from court, ” I’ve been charged on a fake case. They can not stop the land movement by arresting me. The movement will continue anyway.

The CPI(ML) leader has taken to SSKM hospital. Alik Chakraborty has through under a medical process. Reportedly, police can be admitted to hospital anyday as his condition is not well. His lawyer has submitted an application on a ‘medical ground’ to court. Entire medical documents have been given to court.

The justice has directly talked to him. A medical board can be formed for his treatment and police can admit him to hospital. Most importantly any physical force would not be allowed in investigation period.

According to court source, the lawyer Sushil Chakraborty and brother Manash Chakraborty can meet him during his jail custody. Police can interrogate him only in presence of his lawyer. Alik’s lawyer said, “He has been arrested unlawfully. He is not physically fit. He has been arrested on May 31 but medical measure has not been taken to him.” Police has denied such allegation.