Court Orders Mayor To Give 70 Thousand Rupees As Alimony


Kolkata: The Alipore court has instructed Mayor Sovan Chatterjee on Tuesday to give
70 thousand rupees alimony to Ratna Chatterjee every month. The Mayor has also been
instructed to give 40 thousand rupees to their daughter. Thus, Sovan Chatterjee
will have to give a total of 1 lakh 20 thousand rupees to his family.

The court during the hearing said that Sovan will have to give 70 thousand alimony
to Ratna Chatterjee in the next 3 months.

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A divorce case is going on for the past few months. Two cases are going on at the
Alipore court. First, the mayor filed for a divorce. Second, his wife Ratna
Chatterjee filed a case demanding for alimony. The cases were moving in a sloth-
like speed. Later, Ratna Chatterjee moved to the HC demanding speedy solution to
the case.

Based on the plea, HC Justice Sabyasachi Bhattachrya instructed that the alimony
case will have to be completed within the next two months. Following that
instruction, the Alipore court gave its hearing on Tuesday.

Ratna Chatterjee, in her case at the Alipore court, demanded 1 lakh rupees as
alimony. She also demanded separate money for her daughter’s upbringing.

However, according to sources, the Mayor might move to the High Court challenging
the verdict by the lower court.