Court Approves Partha’s Plea to Cremate Debjani


Kolkata: After spending months with the skeleton of his sister Debjani Dey, a morbid Partha has finally agreed to cremate Debjani. Partha was undergoing treatment in the Pavlov Institute for mental disorder.

The Bankshal court has directed the police to hand over the skeleton of Debjani currently in SSKM Hospital to Partha. The skeleton was recovered by police from Partha’s houes in 3, Robinson Street on June 10. Earlier on June 9 police recovered the charred body of Arabindo Dey, father of Partha and Debjani from the same house.

Police believed that Aurobonda has committed suicide and it was only after interrogating Partha police came to know about the skeleton of Debjani. Partha had kept the body of Debjani for more than six months in his room hidden.

The forensic experts through super imposition technology established the skeleton to be of Debjani.

Partha had cremated his father Aurobinda and later wrote to police seeking permission to cremate Debjani. The cremation is likely to be held on Sunday, September 13.