Now One-Tap Ordering With KFC Button

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New Delhi: KFC is introducing Amazon Dash-like physical buttons that do just one job: make it dead-simple to order your favourite snacks and beverages from the fast-food giant.

Available in limited quantities to select customers, the buttons are designed to make meals easier than ever to order than apps you currently use.

Each KFC One-Click Button comes with a code printed at the back that you will need for the initial setup. On KFC India’s website, you associate the button with your mobile number, assign a default address, and pick your preferred KFC items – your button is now mapped to your favourite order. As a final step, you need to get the KFC One-Click Button on your Wi-Fi network, and it was easy to do that by following the steps in the little instructions booklet that comes with every button.

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Once connected to the Wi-Fi network, a tap of the button triggers the ordering process – a green, blinking light indicates that the order was placed. You will also receive an SMS on your registered mobile – you need to send ‘1’ to the number mentioned in this message to confirm your order. This is an important step – if you ignore the message, nothing will happen; and note that a simple reply to the SMS won’t help – you need to send ‘1’ to a different number, which feels like needless friction in a process that’s otherwise designed to make things as simple as possible.

Another thing to note is that while you associate the button with a default address and your preferred order, the payment method will always be cash-on-delivery. There’s no way to specify a default payment method, like a wallet. The button will work in all locations where online ordering via the KFC website/ apps is supported.

Multiple taps of the button will not have any effect if your previous order is already being processed. Tapping the button outside of your default store’s work hours will have no impact either.