Of Course, Arnab Needs To Be Provided With Security!


Suman Chattopadhyay (Editor, Ei Samay)

From now on, the editor-in-chief of Times Now would have to remain under tight security. Amidst such tight security, he would be able to escape from such tightening grips at only 2 places – one at his bedroom while the other at his toilet.

It is not that Arnab has called for such security measures. The Intelligence Bureau believes that there is a life threat to him from the Pakistan based terror group. Hence, the decision has been taken.

The media outlets have reported that Arnab is set to get a Y category security cover by the central government. This means that Arnab is set to get the next security level which comes just after the one that VVIPs like Narendra Modi or Sonia Gandhi are given. As far as I know, usually 20 security personnel, including 2 personal security officers are likely to provide him with 24-hour protection from a close distance. But it is still unclear that from where such personnel will come. It is still in doubts. Since Arnab is based in Mumbai, it can be presumed that the Maharashtra Government would provide him with the security arrangements.

Personally I believe, the reason for which Pakistan provides security to ISI Hafiz Sasuman-chattopadhyayeed, Arnab Goswami rightly deserves tight security for the same reason. To state, they both are ‘assets’ to their own countries. The way, Hafiz says things against India from the other side of the border; similarly, Arnab harshly criticizes Pakistan either in English or in Hindi (having an Assamese accent) from his studio right at 10pm, daily. Both Hafiz and Arnab are the most known as well as the most controversial voice of their own nation. Both seem to compete in their criticisms in an effort to condemn each other’s nation.

On one hand, Hafiz has numerous committed listeners and followers in Pakistan, whereas on the other hand Arnab has them in India, too. We often see that several supporters of Arnab in the television, sitting to raise their voices in the debate. Among them, some have big moustaches beneath their noses, while some have in-depth knowledge on any particular current topic. Some might even have a sly voice just like the whistle a referee blows in a field. The word ‘Pakistan’ is a nasty word for them, a failed state, a mother-ship of terror and what not! Hearing their words makes us believe that once the news hour gets over, each one of them would catch a flight to Srinagar with machine guns on their shoulders, to perform their duty at the Line of Control. It appears as dozens of Pak soldiers would be neutralized by these men.

But Arnab is giving a tough competition to Hafiz. Hafiz has not yet been able to criticize India in front of an Indian. But Arnab, incredibly brings several Pakistanis under one roof in his news channel daily, and lashes out at Pakistan in front of them. He calls some as shameless, to some as agents of ISI, to some as faithful spies to the Pak Army. The moment they say something from Lahore or Islamabad, Arnab and his embedded guests strongly speaks against it. Their strong words, though, do not sound soothing to the ears. These Pakistan people have everything except, love for their own country or self-respect. I feel pity over being hilarious to the way these people get fooled at news hour daily.

Therefore, of course Arnab needs to be provided with security! I thank those from the Home Ministry who have taken the decision to provide security to this asset of our Indian media, from Delhi itself. It would be better if a real-life war-like situation is created within the studio set during the programme. It would be a blessing to hear Arnab shouting during the programme, which would seem like the sound of guns fired during war.