Couple Rushed To Hospital With Man’s Head Stuck In Wife’s Genital


Alabama: More young people across the world have started getting adventurous in bed with increasing awareness about sexuality and more access to related information. While it’s always great to go a step ahead for enhancing the experience between the sheets, one should always be careful not to go too far.

A couple from a Alabama in US ended up in a hospital after their attempts at taking sex to another level resulted in a shocking accident. Samantha Irving had to call an ambulance as her husband’s head was stuck in her vaginal cavity causing excruciating pain whenever he moved.

One of the paramedics who helped the couple out of their ordeal said the man was also struggling as he had half of his face buried in his wife’s vagina. The couple was finally separated and while the man suffered few scratches and bruises, the woman is said to be stable despite internal bleeding.

But this isn’t the first such case the doctors at the hospital encountered as they said a couple with a similar situation was hospitalised in 2007. They advised people to stay away from extreme sexual behaviour.